Harper Cosmetics Bag

Harper Cosmetics Bag

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Storing your goods on the go has never looked so fabulous!  The Harper Cosmetic Bag will quickly transform from everyday go-to, to hand-luggage hero, depending on your needs.

Boasting everything you want in a toiletry bag - great size, easy access and playful design - the Harper Cosmetic Bag is an ideal option to take you right through your day.

Of course, it's wouldn't be a Sage x Clare staple if it was all function without the fun; this versatile piece features two of the Anabelle collection's most gorgeous prints and is finished with a playful tassel detail on the zip.  The Harper Cosmetic Bag has a waterproof lining for added protection.

Measures 21 x 31 x 12cm
Powder, Rose, Pesto, Gingerbread
Made from cotton + waterproof lining


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